2014 Festival Date and Locations Set

Our 2014 Olympia Comics Festival will take place Saturday, June 7th at The Capitol Theater, The Olympia Center, and Danger Room Comics.

I expect there will also be an ancillary event at the downtown Olympia Library on Friday the 6th in the evening.

We are gearing up to make this as potent an event as possible for those interested in comics as a medium and artform.  We hope this will also be the worst event possible for those who are only interested in how much their Spawn #1 is worth.  PS  Not very much.

This is the comics festival which didn’t exist so we had to create it.  We hope you can all be there.



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The Festival is Dead, Long Live the Festival!

Thanks to all who helped make our 2013 comics festival a success.  Gold stars all around.  Please reward yourselves by listening to an old Beat Happening song and drinking one of those Olympia Stubbys you’ve been hoarding.

I hope everyone got to spend at least a little time with our Guests of Honor (Dave Lasky, Frank Young & Carol Lay) as they were about the nicest group we’ve had.

Updates and info soon to come regarding next year’s comics festival!  Onward and upward!

Please check out the awesome Short Run comics festival in Seattle!  The 2013 event will take place Saturday, November 30th.



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Exhibitors — Bring Danger Room Your Comics!

Danger Room Comics (201 W 4th Ave., corner of 4th & Columbia) will be open between 10AM and 10:45 for the purpose of buying or taking consignment of comics made by festival exhibitors.  They may limit how many items they’ll take from a single cartoonist, but other than that, are interested in just about anything.  This is just another way in which they want to show their support for the festival and local cartoonists.

This will end just in time for folks to head to the stage show.  Exhibitors, of course, get in for cheap.

Danger Room cannot guarantee that they will be able to purchase/accept for consignment any comics later in the day.  You are welcome to ask, but it will be a busy day and that’s why they have set aside this dedicated time period.

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