The Olympia Comics Festival exhibitors’ room at the Cartoonists Expo (1:30 – 6:00 pm at the Olympia Center) provides table space for independent cartoonists and comickers to sell their wares and connect with fans and peers. Table space is for cartoonists, distributors, and publishers.  This is a non-dealer event!  We reserve the right to refund any exhibitor we feel does not fit the spirit of the event.

If you have any questions, contact us at Expo@OlympiaComicsFestival.org.

Exhibiting at the 2015 Olympia Comics Festival were:

Dead Peasant (David Shultis, Jenz K Lund)
Tucker Rzepecki
Sera Stanton
Chelsea the Baker
Hannah Fishr
PsychoNot Art
(MJ Woodis)
PIZZA GUN, INC (Jacob Mercy, Pete Soloway)
Mita Mahato
Taylor Dow – 2014 Olympia Comics Festival “Best Of The Fest” winner!
Pity Party (Michael Heck)
Studio JFISH (Jason Fischer)
Press Gang
Laura D. Graves
Corey Lewis
CrazedPixel Comics (James Johnson, Alex Murd)
ZombiePanicAtk (Arianne MacDonald, Rob Hill)
Teenage Dinosaur (Tim Goodyear)
Profanity Hill (Jason Miles)
Eli Tripoli
Gulls Comic (Jack Kent) / Jonathan Chaffin
Brian Lee / Amber Humes
Afterschool Arts Program / Greg Hatcher
Bunny Lee
Nwain (Terrana Cliff)
Zoey Hogan
Travis Rommereim
The Mann (Sylvia Mann) / Floating Dock Comics (Richard Mann)
OIERSM Comix (Mike Smith / Reuben Storey)
David Chelsea
ET Russian / Andy Panda
Jenna Fitton / Zerrin Koch
Hooligan Designs / Kilted Comics (Keri Grassl)
Kinoko Evans
David Kelly
Rosie Lockie
dylpdx (dylan canfield)
Armond Drake / Jesse Lornz
Maybeparade Comics (Chris Sabatini)
Sinus Problem Comics (Patrick Keck)
Mark Falkey
Harmony Boom
Never Knows HMC (P. Calavara)
Bad Neighbors
Tom Lechner
nsncv (Louise Simone)
Nemo’s Factory
Jared R. Clarke
Roberta Gregory
Mark Campos / Noel Franklin
cohersively assigned human at birth (EllieHolly Krnich)
Olympia Timberland Library
Brett Carville
Blackdog Productions
Table Flowers (Stephen Bylsma / Jackson Barnes / Frederick Dobler)
EBBITS (Michael Litven) / Sonatina
Sparkplug Books
Rapt Studios (Alex Delaney, Scott Roller)
Rob Queen
Marshall Atwood
Kalen Knowles
Adam Lynn
Tobangus Intertainment (Colburn Paluck)
Bad Girlz (Zoya Schanche)
Neoglyphic Media (Joel Skavdahl)
Zac Finger
Ivy Atoms
Kevin McCoy
INTRUDER (Marc Palm)

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