Shannon Wheeler confirmed as Guest of Honor!

This will be Shannon’s second time as official GOH and it could not be more timely. Shannon has a ton of new books which have come out recently — some collections of classic material and some are brand new. He told us it’s kind of a weird coincidence, just lots of projects which he’s worked on over several years are all getting published within a few months of each other. His recent books include the Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus, Too Much Coffee Man Cutie Island, Grandpa Won’t Wake Up, and the new edition of I Thought You Would Be Funnier. His non-fiction collaboration with writer Steve Duin, Oil and Water, also came out recently and he has a new book expected soon.

Shannon has long been popular in Olympia, in part due to long time booster and previous owner of Danger Room Comics, Patrick Mapp. He’s also been really popular because his comics are really funny and in Olympia we like to laugh in the face of our mortality.
Shannon is considered a friend at Danger Room Comics as he always stops by if he’s coming through town. He’s really just making sure they are well stocked with his books, but in their loneliness they interpret that as friendship.

Shannon will be participating in the stage show and in the panels, “Will You Please Quit Being Funny?!” and “Muscle Cars In the Comics”.

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