Stage Show lineup

Doors open. Select your seats and make pleasant chit-chat while enjoying the musical stylings of the ARTESIAN RUMBLE ARKESTRA.

Let’s get this started! A few words from your Master of Ceremonies, Jon-Mikel Gates, before we get on to the good stuff.

Mister PATRICK MAPP shares with us a few examples of THE BEST COMICS ANYWHERE EVER, welcomed to the stage by the OLYMPIA FREE CHOIR.

Mister RICK PERRY, sung into our midst by the OLYMPIA FREE CHOIR as though by a band of angels, shares a little bit with us about THE ANIMATION OF WINSOR McCAY.

We bring Mister PATRICK MAPP back to the stage for a moment, and he TELLS US HOW IT IS.

We take a short break while the OLYMPIA FREE CHOIR soothes our souls with sweet, sweet music.

OLYMPIA COMICS FESTIVAL GUEST OF HONOR, Mister PETER BAGGE, tells us a bit about himself and his work.

Mister PETER BAGGE is joined onstage by Master of Ceremonies JON-MIKEL GATES, who asks him about television, noodle arms, and 35 YEARS OF BRILLIANT COMICS.

We welcome TODD JAMES LUQUE to the stage to put the finishing touches on the 9TH ANNUAL OLYMPIA COMICS FESTIVAL!

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